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About Us

Panni Ayurveda is an umbrella of many activities related to Ayurveda.

Panini Ayurveda was founded by Dr. Alaknanda Rao in 1992 in Pune, India. It was started as a community based clinic and later a well equipped Panchakarma unit was developed. Dr. Alaknanda worked with many experienced Vaidyas to gain clinical experience in various fields of Ayurveda, Pulse diagnosis, Ayurvedic gynaecology, Dietetics and Panchkarma are few important topics amongst them. Dr. Alaknanda has worked as a medical officer in rural part of India for three years talking care of all medical needs of 10 villages. Dr. Alaknanda initially worked in India for 10 years and then stared working in Europe.

Dr.Alaknanda has worked on teaching assignments with ACM Institute in India, Kailash Centre in UK, European Institute of Vedic Studies in Switzerland and France, EISRA and AGN in Belgium and Netherlands ,Oerbron natural and water birthing Institute , Academy of Ayurvedic Studies, and Saswitha Yoga school in The Netherlands. Study of culture and foods habits of European people helped her to understand the health needs of European community in Ayurvedic perspective. Later Dr. Alaknanda started Ayurveda clinic in the Netherlands and got very good response from people. Dr. Alaknanda has so far 28 years of clinical and teaching experience in Ayurveda. Currently she is busy with consulting and teaching activities mainly in the Netherlands.

Dr. Alaknanda Rao and Dr.( India) Deepali Kshire work together with a team of assistant doctors and therapists. Dr. Deepali Kshire started Ayushmat Ayurvedic Clinic in Pune in 1993. Dr. Deepali and Dr. Alaknanda worked together since the beginning. Later, when Dr. Alaknanda decided to focus on clinic in Europe, Dr. Deepa started looking after all the activities of Panini Clinic and Ayushmat clinic in Pune.

Currently, Dr. Alaknanda and Dr. Deepa work together for research, development and preparation of ayurvedic formulations, development of diet and detox programs, writing articles to spread knowledge of Ayurveda, running internship programs for students of Ayurveda and designing and running Panchakarma treatment programs for patients from India and abroad.